No Need To Panic!

Computer frozen?  Gadgets glitching?  Terrified you’re on the verge of losing priceless work?

Know you have a major IT problem, but you have no idea what?

No idea what to do next?

Call Us.

We’ve been doing this for nearly a decade.  We understand the frustration, the panic, and (let’s use the correct words here) the gut-wrenching fear that hits when a critical computer system goes down and you just don’t know what to do next.

We’ve installed countless computer systems, set up umpteen wireless networks, and brought untold numbers of frozen gadgets back from the dead.  We’re experts in the field – but we know that before you can tackle a solution to your problem, you need to know what that problem is.

We don’t use jargon.  We won’t baffle you with science.  We’re a small team of people who specialize in computer repair in Saskatoon and know the value of good old-fashioned customer service that addresses your needs as quickly as possible.  We know what it’s like to panic when things go wrong with IT equipment.  We hate it.  That’s why we do this for a living – and why we’re called OnCall.

We want to listen – and we’re available for your call.

We want to help you understand what’s wrong.

We want to help you fix this.




OnCall Computer Services is locally owned and operated in Saskatoon where we've been providing computer and technology services since 2005. We pride ourselves on not only having the skills to solve your problem, but the smarts to explain it to you in a way you'll understand too.

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